Sweden (Skåne region) operational plan

The aim of the operational plan for Skåne region is to lift up the value of the local food and drinks for the actors of the supply chain in B2B distribution. Two perspectives are important for achieving it, digitalization and local cooperations in hubs for B2B distribution.
In Skåne we have Bondens Skafferi as a success story of B2B distribution, who has been local food wholesaler for over a decade helping out small scale food producers and farmers to reach the market. Their communication and ordering handling goes through phone and mail channels. Bondens Skafferi is interested in a digitalization process in the future for optimizing the orders in their B2B distribution.
Distribution hubs in Nordic countries have existed since 10-15 years, but it is still topical to make them more digitalized as a business model in the circular economy.
Increased digitalization gives a big potential for small-scale food producers by using digital business platforms. It is time saving when handling orders and optimizes the selling process. A digital platform gives visibility and transparency for the customers, including their story telling. Same values gets caterers by using digital platforms. In recent years, different alternative platforms have developed globally with a purpose to make a supply chain smarter and to connect producers and customer segments closer to each other. Advantages of the platforms are that producers are selling their goods to different market channels from same platform. The Swedish e-platform Stockfiller is a perfect example of this.
Marketing in digital channels is very necessary nowadays, for small-scale food producers, restaurants and all other segments within the food industry. It depends which channels to use for promotion, but the most common and effective tool is to focus on storytelling and usage of vivid pictures. Updated homepage with close connection to social media are effective. The origin of the product becomes important and it gives an advantage in marketing for different digital channels and e-platforms.
The purpose with distribution through a local hub is to reduce logistic expenses and get the goods to the market through efficiency and cooperation. The hub must be easy accessible and the premises should be adapted for food handling. Sustainable business models provides cooperation between producers for achieving volumes. A digital platform with order processing and customer communication should be implemented in the hub operational plan.
Operational plan – Söderslätt pilotproject
Actors in the area of Söderslätt are interested to establish a distribution hub with a common storage and distribution of goods for further B2B distribution as a single solution or as an alternative to other logistics. Next step is to make a research in how many producers that are interested for cooperation in the local area. The conditions and requirements of the hub and distribution model that will lead to proposals for a sustainable business model focusing on digitalization and shared economy must be planned. The location of Söderslätt hub will be easy reachable not only for Skåne market but also for Copenhagen area in Denmark. Bondens Skafferi, for example, is maintaining distribution to Copenhagen area through a big Danish wholesaler already.