Finland operational plan

 Heila Ltd. is Finland’s pilot region area, which is in Southern-Finland located next to one of the largest highways. Heila has been established over decade and it is very well known locally and nationally too. Under Heila’s brand there are several activities such as a local market with fresh and frozen foods for individual customers, a brewery and bakery, a café and a la carte restaurant. Heila’s basic and core idea of business operational plan is to offer to B2B-sector also tasty, local and clean food from nearby. Heila’s local food network is representing over 250 local food producers. The local food network is covering all segments of food sector from meat to vegetables and flours. Heila has been considering expanding their normal local food business into B2B for while now and it was normal way for growth. Heila’s operational plan for B2B includes cautious and risk management approach step-by-step. Horeca-sectors (private and public) are business segments, where Heila is entering by offering a ready packed & collected & delivered local food deliveries within 100km. Restaurants, cafes and other food premises are having opportunity to have everything (almost) within one delivery and one invoice instead of several deliveries and invoices. In other hands the food producers are presented with opportunities for selling more of their goods. Heila is investing at beginning stage also into e-commerce by bringing all their products online and possibility to shop there. From logistical point of view Heila will be using one of the owners’ truck to deliveries and are taking deliveries by themselves without hiring additional staff to this assignment. But there have been made some small recruitments to assist CEO to develop B2B more actively. Heila is SMe’s company, where everybody is doing everything and a lot of big investments done simultaneously is not always possible. Company is having currently enough storage space, but there is also nearby some premises, which can be rented if needed.