Norway operational plan

In Hardanger, local food and drinks are central to both tradition and identity and the region has many talented producers with good quality products. For further growth in turnover and distribution of local raw materials and products it is important to establish a common maketing - and distribution organization, Hardangersmak, which can perform joint tasks within branding, marketing, sales and distribution. Hardangersmak is a cooperative with 15 members and are located just east of Bergen.
The producers want to be the owner of this activity themself, as this will mean that they will take care of a larger part of the value chain and, overall, will be more visible in the local market with their products.
Hardangersmak will be based on the following needs:
- Reduce the producers own costs with marketing, inventory, sales, invoicing, distribution, purchasing and competence building etc.
- Reduce costs associated with negotiation and pricing
- Be more visible with good quality products and common marketing
- Ensure high-quality credibility and that the product is "authentic" (common regional food brand) and developing a stronger common brand)
- Access to good expertise and help with existing and future requirement, goods registration and labeling, internal control and product and business development
- More time for concentration on production and development of new products
- Meeting the customers' need for a contact point to access a varity of product from Hardanger
The main objective of the Hardangersmak business will be to strengthen the position of the producers of local food in the market and help ensure a sustainable and good development for such product in our region.
The Hardangersmak business plan uses the definition of local food that isprepared by Matmerk:
"Food and beverages with a local identity, distinctive origin or special qualities associated with production method, tradition or raw materials "