Business model for Local food B2B distribution is updated

Project "Baltic Sea Food" partners reviewed the business model of Local food B2B distribution and made some updates based on the experience received from piloting of the model in local level in 13 pilot regions. The objective of cooperation project „Baltic Sea Food“ is to design a sustainable and transferable business model for B2B distribution applicable for local food nets established by local food producers and providers in BSR rural areas. The model enables to establish smooth short supply chains in local and regional level offering opportunities for growth and improved business performance to SME’s acting in local food sector in rural areas. The target group of this document is mainly established local food networks and distributors already selling their products business-to-consumer (B2C). The goal is to create new sales channels for business-to-business (B2B) through small-scale local-food networks, by cooperation and increasing value of their products in a shorter supply chain. All food networks in Baltic Sea Region area are encouraged to use the business model document for analyzing their opportunities for developing B2B local food sales in their area.

The updated business model document is available here.