Closing workshops report

Project "Baltic Sea Food" partners organized in each country the closing workshops, were project main results and updated business model were introduced. The main participants of the closing events were representatives of food networks, local producers, food providers, chefs and distributors. In the workshops partners mainly focused on the result of the piloting, but also final version of B2B distribution model was introduced. Pilot regions/organizations were given the opportunity to share their experiences in participating in the project and piloting the distribution model. Also challenges in the cooperation in local food sector and opportunities for the future development were discussed. Participants were mostly interested how the B2B model is working for the pilot region/organization and how the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced the results. Covid-19 pandemic has certainly influenced piloting greatly and pilot regions/organizations were not able to fully implement all the activities as initially planned. Everyone agreed that the work started should be continued, but the development needs are somewhat different, as the countries themselves are different.