National info seminars introducing survey report of B2B distribution solutions in local food sector


In autumn 2018 project "Baltic Sea Food" partners organized 12 info seminars for introducing the main results of the survey of B2B distribution solutions in local food sector. In total there was ca 350 participants in the seminars, including the representatives of local food networks and distributors, local food producers and farmers, catering and tourism companies, other stakeholders and media. During the seminars also main expectations of these target groups towards new business model of B2B local food were discussed.

Most important part of the seminars were discussions between the representatives of local food providers, producers and networks/distributors about survey results and main challenges in B2B local food distribution. In general the feedback in all 10 countries was very positive. SME’s and food networks are very interested in a project as there is a need for a practical and sustainable business model. The participants of the seminars in all 10 countries found the survey informative and necessary. Participants were also very interested in the results of other countries and it was noted that there are almost the same challenges in all countries. It is expected by the majority of food networks/distributors in 10 countries that the B2B distribution model needs to be simple, sustainable, affordable, easily transferable and applicable solution for different regions. Food producers/farmers in different countries had rather different ideas regarding the B2B distribution model, but they are all very interested in such a model.
Almost all chefs and food providers in different countries feel positive about the B2B distribution model, they are looking forward to it. It was stressed that it should be easy to use in order to save up the time of the chefs. All project partners find that the seminars were very useful.
It allowed to gather all relevant target groups together and to discuss B2B local food distribution situation and challenges with them. People had an opportunity to share their experience and expectations. and partners received feedback about the needs and expectations of target group for successful project implementation.

The report of national infoseminars is avilable here: