Denmark operational plan

Pilot Organization: Savour South West Denmark. The organization covers the Southwestern part of Denmark near the west coast of Jutland. It was founded in 2011.

Through an investigation of the interests of the members of the network, we have decided to focus our efforts on the HoReCa and Event target segments. The producers will offer the customers good storytelling that can help them brand their own business and as well as offering easy access to local products.

The product range Is wide and covers meat, bread, vegetables, cheese, beverages, sweets and delicacies.

The operational plan for Denmark has laid down two different paths that offer potential for better and broader distribution of local food products to the chosen target groups.

Path one: Several companies within the HoReCa segment have expressed their view, that a solution for local producers involving a catering company – such as AB Catering – would be good for them. With the knowledge that many local restaurants would like local products, but are also very happy with their catering solutions, we’ve decided to focus on providing knowledge and qualification for producers to enable them to deliver their goods to catering companies. We’re working with AB Catering as a representative of catering in general. The knowledge and qualifications gained will enable producers to deliver their good in general to catering companies in general, which can open up new markets for their products.
This path offers several benefits. The catering company has an existing distribution model and the companies in the HoReCa segment are used to ordering food through this channel. AB Catering – our test company – has recently introduced a filtration method, so their customers can search specifically for local food products. AB Catering also offers a pick-up service at producers.

Path two focuses on a hub solution. It became clear during our interview and analysis phase, that several smaller producers did not – for a variety of reasons – want to offer their products through a catering company. The second path in our operational plan focuses on exploring the possibility of setting up food-hubs, where local food producers delivers their goods in unison to a centralized location, from where products are then delivered to the chefs who have placed an order. With producers delivering to a central location, they are more easily able to help each other make deliveries. The central hub will also lessen the amount of time spent talking at every delivery point, freeing up time for both chefs and producers – although it is worth noting, that all parties want to maintain personal contact, which can be agreed upon outside of deliveries.