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Estonians like to know where their food comes from. For this reason, many savy city dwellers take the time to work the fields and enjoy the fruit of their labour throughout the year. This amount of passion has greatly inspired Estonian restaurants to be creative and use local produce.
A spoonful of Nordic with a twist
Similarly to Estonian culture, the local taste palate has been infused with the best of our neighbouring countries. Here you'll find traces of Scandinavian, Russian and German kitchens.
An ode to the pure, fresh and seasonal
Estonian chefs, food establishments and retailers have a similar understanding of the nature and future of Estonian cuisine.
Estonian bread – black, white and wholemeal
Bread has at least three different names in Estonian – that's how serious we are about the loaf. Black rye bread with a thin crispy crust is a healthy and very original gift to bring back from your trip to Estonia.
Affordable gourmet food
International and fusion gourmet food can be enjoyed very inexpensively in Estonia, making this a desired destination for foodies. And don't forget the medieval food - have you tried roast bear recently, or maybe a wild boar?
For vegetarians and vegans
Vegetarian and vegan-friendly gourmet joints spring up in Estonia's larger cities like mushrooms after the rain, and while on the topic: have you tried Estonian chanterelles?
Preserves & cakes
Estonian grandmothers truly are the world champions in jam making and cake baking. Want to taste it for yourself? Well, head to the country or to your local outdoor market for jars of blackcurrant, blueberry or buckthorn jams and pickled vegetables, and try the friendly downtown bakery for fluffy cakes, crumbles and pies.

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Useful information about Estonia

Modern day Estonia offers a range of inspiration to different types of travellers, from urban dwellers, history enthusiasts to nature wanderers.

You are most welcome to discover Estonian local food culture and lively country in one!