Baltic Sea culinary - Estonia

Clean the fish and put it to boil into cold water. Remove the foam and boil on a small fire until the fish is ready. Take out the fish, filter the broth. Heat up the broth again to boil, add in the order of cooking vegetables, chopped into bigger cubes (or in the shape characteristic to vegetables, i.e. onion as rings, carrot as shims, etc.) and potatoes. Melt the butter on a pan, add flour and heat until the flour becomes grainy, add the mixture to the soup and boil until the soup is ready. In the end add pieces of fish and sprinkle minced herbs on top of it.

Nowadays it is useful to change the way of making fish soup by heating onions and carrots in butter before adding to the soup in order to make the soup better looking and enhancing the taste of the soup.

You can also diminish the amount of fluid in the soup, if you like to get a ticker soup.

  • Fish Soup with Vegetables

1 kg fresh fish
3 l water
1 onion
5 dl chopped potatoes
5 dl chopped carrots, rutabaga, turnip (other vegetables upon wish) or peas
1 tbsp. flour
1 tbsp. butter