Baltic Sea culinary - Sweden

The vision about Swedish food is not about being better than any other food culture – we love Italian, French and Japanese food. It is about providing better products, better food, beverages and experiences in Sweden. We already have many good examples, but we still have work to do.

Our farmers and producers care about nature and raw ingredients. They pay close attention to animal health and welfare. Our chefs and administrators are working to provide tastier food in schools, hospitals and elderly homes. Our companies are inventing new products for the modern consumer. Our chefs are creating tasty dishes that combine our heritage with ideas from all over the world. And every day, throughout the country, people are developing new cultural and culinary experiences.

We are working in the interest of good food – food that is not only good for us and for you, but also the future. And we welcome you to join us in delicious adventures all over the country. Come and taste for yourself.

Try Swedish!

Useful information about Sweden

Sweden is a secure, friendly and multicultural country built up by modern technique and infrastructure from top till bottom. With values, equality and social thinking known all over the world in combination with the fantastic traditions and the culture spread by our Swedish food and musicians as two good examples - not to mention big brands like Ikea, Absolut and Volvo... Do we need to say more? ;)

Come to Sweden for feeling the luxury of clean tapwater and fresh air no matter whenever or wherever you are within our borders!